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I'm Claire!


I'm a business & Mindset coach and mentor for bridal hair & makeup artists and I'm here to support YOU and help you smash your goals in this exciting industry!

Simplifying your bridal business & elevating your brand, for more freedom and better income!


Hey guys!

My Vision

Running a small business in this industry can feel competitive, lonely and overwhelming. I will help bridge the gap between your amazing talent and becoming a high earning, confident artist/stylist, with an healthier balance of bookings and life!


I want to teach, inspire and Elevate as many women as I can in this industry,

whether you're new to it or experienced.

 Building a community of passionate, confident and determined women and helping you build your hair & makeup empires!


Why book a call with me??

With my extensive knowledge from over 12 years of running an award winning team in the industry, I know I can help you with your bridal business, cutting out the mistakes I made over the years and fast tracking it to the top!


Elevating your business OR starting it from the best possible position to see results quicker!

So, who the
hell am i....

and how can I help you??

I started in a career I HATED!


18 years ago, bridal hair & makeup hadn’t really kicked off like it has now. Social media was limited and there wasn’t the guidance or the market to start a bridal hair & makeup business. Coaches were limited and only available for large businesses, education was basic! 


So, I did the "norm" and got a full time job in the corporate world! Needless to say, it wasn't a fit for me, in fact it sucked! I knew I was made for other things, but I just couldn’t work it out!


So, how did i escape??


I decided to travel! This is going to sound like a total cliché…… but

“I found myself” during a gap year in Australia. I know, gross!!!  


 I spent my time out there working for a makeup company, to finance my year abroad. It was the best thing I ever did because it reminded me of my skill for makeup and my passion for helping women feel like their best self!


Isn't it THE BEST JOB in the world guys!!!???


I’m such a girls girl, I love to empower & support women. So, when I returned from Australia, I was on a mission to start a business as a hair & makeup artist.​​​

EVIE & CHRIS-0066.jpg

So, i got to work!


I started alone, building my portfolio, networking, building my brand and made my way into the wedding industry. But it wasn’t long before the demand became too much, all of my weekends were booked out, I lost a social life, I became ill and run down.


I also felt like if I wasn't booked up then I would be failing or not earning enough to get by!

If I wasn't doing the same thing all the other hair & makeup artists were doing, then I wouldn't get booked! ........... I was lost, it was all too much!


Instead of constantly turning brides away or working myself into the ground, I elevated my business model, worked on giving more to my brides for a luxury feel, raised my pricing, applied boundaries and even had the time to grow a team! 

The result...

​I now only do brides

I can be selective with my bookings

I have a lot MORE free time with MORE income 

I charge a luxury price bracket and offer a luxury service

I'm attracting my ideal brides

Brides show me my own images for their inspo

at the trial 

Coaching & mentoring my own amazing team of strong, talented women who are killing it in the industry!


I really feel confident in my work and I feel in

control of my business, sticking to my goals and forecasting exciting years ahead!


Then What happened??

IT BOOMED!!!! Even bigger then I could of hoped!

We won multiple awards, opened a studio, travelled abroad for weddings and became booked with over a hundred weddings in our first year as a team!

I had little experience in running a business, but it soon became second nature.

A lot of time, investment and mistakes were made during the process

but its all got me to where I am now! .............. 

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