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The Workshop

2 day Makeup workshop 

Location: Unit 5 | Caroline Court | Cranbourne Lane | Basingstoke | RG21 3NY

Date: 14th & 15th November

Demo day only - £195 (Limited tickets)

Demo & Practical combo - £375 (VERY limited tickets!)

This workshop is for professionals looking to perfect their techniques, try new and trending styles and polish their portfolio.

Hurry -  Limited tickets available!

What to expect

Day 1 - Demonstrations 10-14:30


The first day I will go over, in detail, all of my techniques, tools and products for various makeup looks, from skin prep to set!

  • Detailed demos in how I prep my brides skin for various looks and skin types.

  • A demonstration on how to apply makeup for various eyeshapes

  • Enhancing your brides eyes with lashes, showing you the difference in strip and individual and the benefits of both.

  • 2 complete, on trend & timeless bridal makeup demos, inc a smokey liner!

  • My preferred tools and products for effective and long lasting makeup

  • How I take images of my work using an iphone, including editing.

  • Reel creation, how I transition and edit my reels.

All for Just £195 if you just want to attend day 1 only, or though I believe you would benefit from both days. 

Day 2 - Practical 10-14:30

This is when you can put everything I showed you in day 1, into your own creation! 

  • Creating your own styles on your model (contact me if you wish to book a pro model at a fee), with my help along the way using the techniques etc demonstrated on the first day

  • 2 complete looks minimum

  • Practice your new skills with creating reels and taking images of your work.

  • Help with editing your final images to display your beautiful work professionally on your socials and website

Day 1 & 2 combined total £375

Very limited tickets available for the 2 day combo so book now! If they are sold out, try booking day 1 or lookout for new dates soon!


Hurry - Limited tickets available!


Hurry - Limited tickets available!

Tickets go on sale 30th July! - Limited tickets!


What's the cause of this??.......

Confidence in the quality of your work

You’re not confident in your work……………

Struggling to perfect your techniques such as, creating a soft a fluffy brow or lash placement, creating a dewy look on dry skin, can be soooo frustrating!!!


New trends and styles are always being created and new products are released, making you feel overwhelmed and struggling to keep up in this fast pace industry!


Learning & practising the skills

Wedding season can be crazy busy and as business owners, we have a million things to juggle. Creating time for practising new styles, perfecting and updating your portfolio can be difficult!


You can sit and watch tutorials, but the trouble is we save them for later and never get round to actually practising them!


You also don’t have the tutor at hand to help perfect your techniques or answer any of your burning questions!


It can be so frustrating when you run out of time to take some nice images of your bride on the day! You may also not want to clash with the photographer or feel a nuisance, when trying to have 10 mins with your bride once she's ready! I hear you!

Having to rely on the photographers or chasing brides after their wedding day, for some high res images, can be very frustrating. Even professional photographers do not always showcase your work in all its glory. 

If you don’t have a spacious studio with good lighting and all the tools to create beautiful professional looking images of your work, then this can also be a challenge!

So, What can you do to attract more of your ideal brides??.....

Learn and become inspired

Make time to learn and perfect new techniques. Try new products & styles that will cater for different hair thickness & textures, various skin types and giving your bride that glow!


Regular training will ......


  • Boost your confidence


  • Refresh your portfolio

  • Open new doors, networking with other hairstylist in the industry

  • Inspire you, to be more creative and find your style so you can start attracting your ideal bride

  • Attract brides that will pay your worth without question! Meaning you can work YOUR way!


Create a beautiful, eye catching portfolio!

You need to have clean, strong images on your website. Clearly displaying your work, in the most beautiful and professional way

You want to grab their attention in the first 3 seconds or they will leave. So your website and socials need to become as particular and professional looking as your work is

This will say a lot about your passion for your brides and your professionalism. Clients will immediately trust you and have faith in your knowledge to create the look they desire.​​​​

Shout about it

Showcase your new skills on your social media & shout about your talent in the industry!

You need to utilise your FREE marketing platforms as well as your paid ones.


Displaying your work in the form of reels and carousels, as well as strong images on your website will show that you are loud and proud when it comes to your work!


You will have more chance at grabbing your bride’s attention over all platforms within those 3 seconds, and they will immediately trust you and your worth!

Hurry - Limited tickets available!


Hurry - Limited tickets available!

The Workshop

Final details...

"Do I need a model???"

Please either bring a model with you or If you would like me to arrange a pro model, let me know. I have connections to lots of pro models that will work for you at a range of fees from £130-£200 for the day.


Benefits from arranging professional Models………….

  • As soon as your camera is on them, they work it!

  • They can help you display your work clearly and in the most eye-catching way!

  • Time management and commitment can be an issue when trying to book friends during the week. Most models will take work during the week and commit to the job.

  • It can be extra publicity for you as most models have a good following on social media, you will be tagged in their post/story meaning you will have more eyes on you!

  • It’s good to network and have models in your contacts for future bridal photoshoots etc


If you would like help with arranging a professional model for day 2 then please let me know, but please note there will be a fee usually between £150 - £200 for your model.


Styling your model:

Hair accessories:

I have a wide range of hair accessories available to use at my studio to finish off your final styles. But if you have something in mind that you’d like to use then please feel free to bring this with you!


I work closely with some local wedding dress boutiques, so I will have some handy ready to dress your models. I also have a small collection of tops and blazers.


There are only a limited amount of tickets available and even less available for the 2 day combo, don’t hesitate to book now!

Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions!

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