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This session is for you if............

  • Your bookings are low and you’re not sure where the issues could be?

  • You aren’t getting enough enquiries

  • You keep getting ghosted by brides

  • You’re uninspired with your branding & website

  • You don’t know how to market your brand.

  • You’re struggling with time management and feeling overwhelmed with everything you need to do

  • You have just started in hair & makeup and you don’t know where to start with the business side of things.

  • Your confidence is low and you need help to get yourself out there

Is this for you?

This session is for you if….


  • You're in the industry but feel you need some help with the business side of things


  • You're in need of a boost with your business knowledge

  • You're trying to build your online presence and struggling

  • You are new to the industry and don't know where to start

  • You're not sure how to create your company branding and ethos. 


  • You're not getting booked up as much as you had hoped

  • You don't feel like you know how to display your portfolio to reflect YOU as an artist.

  • You want to learn, grow and further your career in the wedding industry.

BOOK NOW & get ready for your busiest year yet!

Level up your bridal business and see your bookings double for the next wedding season!

  • You will lean how to work with your time management and come up with a plan that will take control of your business

  • You will learn more about the important pillars of your business that will help you grow and increase bookings

  • You will learn how to market your business efficiently and consistently

  • You will learn how to attract your ideal bride and will stop bringing in the wrong kind of bookings for your business.

  • You will learn how to price yourself for attracting the right clientele for you. 

  • You will learn how to stop the ghosting and start getting booked! 

  • You will have 1:1 feedback of YOUR business, vital for improving in your niche. 

You will receive all of this, for just £149!!!

This can be arranged at a day and time that suits you, for flexible and bespoke learning in a professional studio with an award winning hair & makeup artist!

I’m soooooo excited to have the chance to help you on your journey! Let’s work together on boosting your booking & your confidence with your bridal business! 

Book now quick and fast, at a date convenient to you,  using my online booking system!

Business Level Up 1:1

How I can help YOU! ......


In this industry, it can feel like you're just a drop in a very big ocean!! There are so many hair & makeup artists out there, you can feel a little lost. Especially if your new to the industry, I know how overwhelming it can feel! There are soooo many factors that make a business and juggling all of them can be challenging. So that's where I come in! 


I have spent the last 10 years building my business "Claire Janes' Totally You" and created an award winning bridal team with a fully booked diary! I have now created courses and sessions that will help others reach their goals in this amazing industry!

Learning never ends and we are always evolving and growing! After years of building up my own business, I know I can help you with yours! Cutting out some of the mistakes I made in the first 5 years, I can Fastrack your business, leveling it up and filling up your bookings!

Free PDF
Things to focus ON during OFF season cover.jpg

Free PDF to prepare you for next season!

Need some help??? I have created a FREE PDF that will help you use your time wiseley through the 'OFF' season and help prepare your business for 2024! 


Subscribe & Download here

Book now quick and fast, at a date convenient to you,  using my online booking system!

Blank Notebook

What i will cover??

I will take a look at your business, going right back to the start with your company ethos, we can cover some key aspects of your business that need attention...... these could be:

  • Website

  • Networking & Marketing

  • Branding 

  • Social Media

  • Wedding Directories

  • SEO & Google ranking

  • Imagery & attracting your ideal bride

  • Pricing

and everything in between! We will either build your business together, focus on a specific topic, or I can give simply give you my feedback!

We will have 2 hours to discuss your business online, so you don't need to even more from your sofa!!! If you would prefer to meet in person for a more personal and comfortable feel to the meeting, either at a cafe or my studio, that can also be arranged! 


How much will it cost?

You will get my 10 years of experience in a 2 hour online meeting for just £149


To meet in person just £198

Book now quick and fast, at a date convenient to you,  using my online booking system!

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