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Welcome to your bespoke, 1:1 workshop!

Never stop learning, growing & inspiring others!

The Workshop

This workshop is for you if….


  • You're in the industry but feel you need some extra help

  • You're in need of a confidence boost

  • You feel your kit and your styles need a freshen up

  • You're not getting booked up as much as you had hoped

  • You're struggling with some styles or techniques

  • You don't feel like you know how to display your portfolio to reflect YOU as an artist.

  • You love all things hair & makeup

  • You have a passion for the industry and want to learn new things

  • You want to learn, grow and further your career in the wedding industry

Your 1:1 Bespoke Workshop

Do you ever just feel like you need a little guidance with a couple of things?? Can't get the hang of a certain technique or not sure what products will help? 

Maybe you're feeling a bit flat about your low enquiries, or your kit needs some freshening up! Your confidence could be knocked, or you just need some new styles and inspiration!? 

We all have to face that sometimes we need some help. Learning as we develop is never ending and we shouldn't feel like we must know everything all the time! Trends change, techniques and products evolve and working as a sole trader can be difficult. Sometimes we need someone else to bounce ideas over with, show us some new techniques and products or just give us a little boost and inspiration!Or you simply would like to see if you can learn something new...!?

Well, that's where I come in! If you need a day to focus on some new styles, techniques, extra training or photography focus, in a laid back, yet professional studio, then this 1;1, workshop is for you! focusing solely on you and your needs, we will come up with a lesson plan to take your portfolio, expertise and bookings up a notch! 

Level up your skills and portfolio and book your 1:1 workshop today! 

A Workshop day with me at my studio is just




This can be arranged at a day and time that suits you, for flexible and bespoke learning in a professional studio with an award winning hair & makeup artist!

Im soooooo excited to have the chance to help you on your journey! Lets work together on boosting your business! Hit the button below!

Vlog Editor at Work

OR maybe you just need a business overhaul???

Level up 1:1

I have spent the last 10 years building my business "Claire Janes' Totally Flawless" and I learnt as I went along, so I have made mistakes, picked myself up each time, learnt some more, and moved on to create an award winning bridal team with a fully booked diary! I can now finally spread my wings solo, creating courses and building up my reach as an individual in the industry. Learning never ends, but with 10 years of building up my own business, I know I can help you with yours! Cutting out some of the mistakes I made in the first 5 years, I can Fastrack your business, leveling it up and filling up your bookings!



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