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to my Academy! Whether you're an experienced hair & makeup artist in the wedding industry or just starting up, you are in the right place! 

From 1:1, to group workshops in bridal hair, learning from business to techniques, I will do my best to accommodate your needs and skill set, for a comprehensive, bespoke learning experience!

Well, I have had quite a journey!

As the owner of CLAIRE JANE'S Totally Flawless, I haven't stopped!


From working on hundreds of brides over the past 12 years, travelling abroad for destination weddings and building the brand, to now an award winning, luxury bridal team with a lovely little studio. 


It's been a whirlwind of experiences, tears, laughter & love for this rewarding job in this amazing industry! I now want to focus on passing forward everything I have learnt as an established hair & makeup artist!


I want to teach, inspire and help everyone in this industry, whether your new to it or experienced, I want to build a community and help others build their empires!


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So what do i offer??

Whether you're a newbie or well experienced in the industry, I have you covered!



1:1 Workshops

I am also running 1:1, personalised workshops from my beautiful studio in Basingstoke.

If you want to learn some new styles and techniques, or just want a portfolio builder day, then this is for you!



We could benefit from someone to look over our business with fresh eyes, experience and knowledge to see where can be tweaked, new ideas and tools can be added and mindsets can be altered for great planning and pushing us to open new doors. 

1:1 Business sessions

I will show you all of my favourite styles, breaking down the techniques, right from the prep. I am constantly updating and trying out new techniques, products and styles to give you a modern, comprehensive learning experience. From prep, hair extensions, padding to face framing and textures, I can cover it all!

I can cover every aspect of owning a business in the wedding industry, covering tips and ideas for building and developing your portfolio, website and web presence, while working on your social media pages. I will show you how to make the best out of your free marketing platforms. This amount of support with the business side of things will fast track your business, cutting out some of the mistakes most businesses make in the first few years. 

Networking with others in the community and helping each other along the way. Working as a sole trader can be quite lonely, so I want to create a community, helping each other on jobs, sharing experiences and tips with each other and general support.

You will learn new tips, tricks and techniques I have mastered over my years of experience. Using my recommended tools and products to create some new makeup styles and flawless finishes! Including skin prep for that effortless glow!

I see far too often, beautiful work showcased badly. Blurry images, bad lighting or messy backgrounds can distract and let down your beautiful work. Showing your work in the best possible way is so important!

Bad images will only put people off booking you, attention to detail is key when showcasing your work.

If it's showcased with love and time, it will reflect in your portfolio! I will show you some basic photography skills, lighting, poses etc to do just that!

I believe in a bespoke way of learning. So many courses out there have set dates, structured classes and a 'One size fits all' outlook. Through my own experiences I have found that classes can run either too slow or too quick for your skill set, meaning you can miss things and not get what you need out of your class! I also want everyone to learn in their own time, on a date that works for them.

Why choose my courses??


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